Which Vegas Event or Party Stole The Show.

US Rugby 7s Vegas 2016

Which Vegas Event or Party Stole The Show.

The Winners And Losers Of The Just Concluded Parties.

Thursday, March 3, 2016 witnessed Rugby devotees from all over world converge onto Las Vegas for a thrilling long weekend of the USA 7s tournament. The highlight of this convivial weekend is the off field entertainment that commences after they daily sporting events.

The Rugby weekend has seen an ever growing number of Party Planners / Promoters throwing their hat into the entertainment or party organizing. For this year’s event, we had four main event promoters claiming their stake in this Kenyan ultimate entertainment extravaganza. They were Certified Party Rockers (CPR) who have been in the game for while now, Takeover Djs (T.O.D), Breakpoint DJs and Passport Entertainment Group (PEG), the relative new comers but with familiar faces latterly broken away from the other camps.

vegas-7s-events Which Vegas Event or Party Stole The Show.

The parties, or events kicked into gear as follows:

The long weekend commenced with the customary Meet n Greet to welcome the Kenya Rugby team, it also marked the beginning of what usually promises to be a long weekend of uninhibited fun on and off the field. The event is usually attended by the serious Rugby fans who are mainly keen on mingling with the rugby players, as the rest of the Kenyan population start to trickle into Vegas on Friday. Kenyan Connect hosted this event.


PEG hosted the event at the Ocean Sevens in which Wizkid put on a better than expected show. This was the first time I got to see him and contrary to what I have heard about his poor live performances, the event was actually nice. I wasn’t keen on the logistical setup in terms of location and the whole cueing, not to mention the size of venue and scarcity of tickets, as expressed by some disgruntled fans that I brushed shoulders with outside. But all in all, it wasn’t a bad show.

CPR also hosted an event at the Havana Room; they had Graham Morgan and Kenyan hip-hop star DNA was flown in from Kenya to entertain the thrill seekers. My sources at the event said it was really good. The venue was apparently packed to the gills, I never heard any complaints about the said event.

Thankfully T.O.D and Breakpoint Djs had nothing going on for that night, as it would have caused some degree of difficulty to be in three places at the same time.


P.E.G had Sean Paul unleash his dancehall lyrics on the crowd. I tend to get overwhelmed when presented to with a variety of choices, so I opted out of the event. Though word on the strip is that, it was hard to enter into the event and some ticket holders were turned away. I have also never been a keen dancehall enthusiast.

Back at the Havana Romain Virgo and Dynamic were putting on a show courtesy of CPR. Having missed CPR’s previous event I thought it best to attend this one just to satisfy my curiosity. If my brief stay there is any indication of how the rest of the event progressed, I can confidently say that it seemed to be kicking. I didn’t stay long though, had yet another event to attend on the same night.

And we were off to the Double Barrel. T.O.D and Breakpoint Djs, upon realizing that they had an uphill battle on their hands…had teamed up and flown in Diamond Platnumz from the land of Magufuli. Diamond licks his lips excessively like LL Cool J, but always puts on a nice performance in my opinion. Bongoflava Lovers flocked in from all over the Country to be serenaded by his good tunes. It was a good performance.


What would a Vegas event be without flying in our very own Kenyan Socialite “SoSHolite” Huddah Monroe, to party with the Kenyans in Vegas? It was nice of PEG to fly her out here so that we may take Selfies with her. And yes, I managed to sneak in a selfie so look out for it on Instagram.

A thrilling activity also took place at the place dubbed “Kenyatta Market”. The Legendary Disc Jockey who made us fall in love with Soul Music and “Slow Jams”assemblage, Paco Perez was in town courtesy of CPR. They hosted their annual DJ Battle. Dj Poison Ivy scooped the title as winner of the Dj Spin Off, despite some mumblings of favoritism from the some sections of the crowd. Chris Darling did his thing on Sunday night as well.

Does anyone know what T.O.D and Breakpoint Dj’s were up to on this night?

Well it was a long weekend worth all the sleepless nights, the moderately excessive alcohol consumption, the connection with my fellow Kenyans from all over Diaspora and last but not least…THE MISSED FLIGHTS. After the fourth day, I was too exhausted and had enough of the mind numbing, pocket draining, endless uninhibited fun Vegas had to offer. I was ready to leave Sin City.It is becoming increasingly hard to have fun at all these events like I would prefer, given the multitude of other activities one may find themselves partaking in Vegas.
So it would be unfair to leave out Planet Hollywood (PH), the be all end all of meeting places for the Mwananchi. They all flock here; the good ones and the evil ones, the well intentioned and the ones with ulterior motives and of course you get to see a diverse collection of Bow Ties.

In my opinion, Kenya Connects Thursday Meet n Greet event was good. I am now a Wizkid fan and I got was actually impressed by his short performance. Diamond with his lip licking put up a nice performance, and the Dj battle was entertaining.
Which event was main highlight for you?