Which Kenyan Adele “Hello” Cover Struck A Chord?

Which Kenyan Adele “Hello” Cover Struck A Chord?

By Emmanuel Muema

I Was Moved By One Of Them.

Adele’s track is growing more popular by the day. It has over 900 million views on You Tube to date. Many people have done a cover of this hit.

As is expected, Kenyans would not be left behind. A few copycats opted to give the cover a try with the hope that something good might come out of it, before we ushered in the dreaded month of January.

First Cover.
Swahili version by Dela Maranga which is quite soulful and has attracted a lot of positive feedback from music lovers worldwide. The popular gossip website Perez Hilton, gave a thumbs up to Dela’s cover . Within a week of releasing her cover, Dela had gained over 300 thousand views and 8 thousand likes on YouTube. Dela responded by saying “I am overwhelmed and humbled by all your comments. Thank you! Keep sharing the video with your friends, and keep the conversation flowing on the comments. I am reading each comment. I love you all!”

Second Cover.
It was by Jimmy Gait. He received a lot of trolling on social media. His cover got numerous mixed comments and reviews and was probably the worst cover ever. In the track Jimmy takes on the role of speaking to a ‘prodigal child’ about changing his/her ways (from having chips fungas, to drinking too much and forgetting his/her faith) Gait encourages a lost believers to believe once again. Within a few hours, the song’s YouTube video had received nearly 300 dislikes and just 64 likes. Sadly, that was just a tip of the iceberg. Kenyans on social media platforms ruthlessly roasted at the gospel singer and ridiculed his cover. Not to be deterred, Gait went on to release an official video to accompany his cover.

Third Cover.
Was performed by Anto Neosoul. Before you listen you should note that it was a reply a with a ghetto twist to it. Adele’s song is on course to undoubtedly set the record of most covers ever done at this rate. In the “Ghetto reply”, Anto Neosoul rhymes over a reggae tune.

Fourth Cover
This is hands down my favorite one of all of them. It is a Luhya cover by a hilarious character referred to on social media as YahBoiSelfie. He has 147,000 twitter followers.

So whose cover do you like the most? Please let us know in the comment section and also please vote in the survey below.

Watch the Luhya Cover :