Afro-soul is a music genre that is a fusion between soul music and African sound. Its distinctive feature from any other African Music genre is the emotional vocals, especially of the lead singer. There is a very strong link between Afro-soul and other genres like Afro-Jazz, Afropean and Afrobeats Afro fusion music speaks to the ordinary man in the street.


The music, which usually tells a story of cultural happenings and love praising heroes and heroines, is sweeping the music scene of Kenya and fast gaining momentum in the music popularity stakes not only in South Africa but throughout the world. This blend of contemporary music infused with traditional rhythms of Africa creates a style of music that is pleasing to the ear and which is sweeping the music scene of Kenya as well as other parts of the world. Top troupes the likes of Sauti soul, Kidum and the bands attract rave reviews far and wide; suffice to say the air is dense with melodious percussion at live Afro-fusion shows. Electrifying live bands have concert goers enjoying African rhythm and beats from far and wide where there is costume, drama and more. Suffice to say those individuals that love the idea of combining traditional African musical styles with a bit of contemporary Western music such as rock and pop, will find Afro-fusion a suitable albeit pleasant auditory experience.

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Please keep on tuning to our online Mawalking Radio Station we always here 24/7, we will keep on entertaining you with more Afro-Fusion mix. Remember we are here because we want you to enjoy an interrupting mix and less talks. During this Novel Coronavirus(2019-nCoV) pandemic allow us to entertain you with only one touch on your phone, tablet, or Desktop.

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I am a poet, photographer, videographer and blogger. Am in Kenya located in Nairobi.
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