Kaka Sungura Releases A Deadly Track Titled “Kionjo” As The “Who is King?” Beef Continues

Kaka Sungura Releases A Deadly Track Titled “Kionjo” As The “Who is King?” Beef Continues

Kaka Gives Us A Taste.

King Kaka otherwise known as “Rabbit” has dropped his response to the diss songs that have been released by hiphop moguls Octopizzo, Khaligraph Jones and Juliani. There is a major beef going on between them which is basically about who is the king of hiphop in President Barrack Obama’s hood, Kenya. This beef was started by Juliani after he tweeted; “The Only One With More Bars Than The Three Combined (Octopizzo, King Kaka & Khaligraph Jones ) is Me”.

I’m going to do a quick analysis of Rabbit’s Song “Kionjo” and discuss the punchlines that he has delivered.

1. Unaseek revenge na unaona El Cuerpo Del Deseo.
2. Mko in the wrong conversation, kama Bro Ocholla
3. Nawaslap kama kwa tape ya Creme.
4. Sijaexaggerate kama budget ya Waiguru.
5. Burn kaa Nero, Burn kaa Gonorrhea au kaa solar.
6. Bado niko juu kaa missionary.

Song : Kionjo by Rabbit King Kaka

Punchline Number 1;


Unaseek revenge na unaona El Cuerpo Del Deseo.

(You are seeking revenge but you are watching El Cuerpo Del Deseo).
Wow. This is probably the cleverest line in the whole song. For all you soap fanatics out there I will really enjoy breaking this down for you. Kaka Sungura takes this to a whole new level since El Ceurpo Del Deseo means The Body of Desire while La Revancha means The Revenge. El Cuerpo is a Spanish-language telenovela which is about an old man who comes back from the dead in the body of a much younger man and discovers dark secrets about his beautiful widow. La Revancha is a Venezuelan telenovela which is about two separated sisters who re-unite after twenty years to seek revenge for the murder of their father.

Punchline Number 2;


Mko in the wrong conversation, kama Bro Ocholla.

(You are in the wrong conversation just like Brother Ocholla).
A moment of silence for Brother Ocholla. Whooooooooooa! This line is pure genius. In case your memory has failed you let me refresh it for you. Our dear brother Ochieng’ Ocholla is an average Kenyan man who unfortunately sent a sex text to his church’s Whatsapp group. The message was meant for his girlfriend and read as follows ; “You seem to love my voice. This voice will whisper asking how you are feeling when you will be having your orgasms in cloud nine.” The Whatsapp church group is called the Embakasi Prayercell.

Punchline Number 3;

Nawaslap kaa kwa tape ya Creme.

(I’m slapping them just like in DJ Creme’s Sex tape).
Well, this is my personal favourite lyric from The King Kaka. Every individual has heard of the DJ Crème Dela Crème saga whereby his sex tape was leaked. There were even memes with the hilarious caption, “when the sex tape gets more views than the mixtape!” So just the way people slap one another while having carnal knowledge, Rabbit is going to slap all these other rappers.

Punchline Number 4;


Sijaexagerrate kama budget ya Waiguru.

(I have not exaggerated like Anne Waiguru’s budget).
With all due respect to our former Ministry of Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary, she has been associated with billions of missing funds, especially the National Youth Service embezzlement saga which of course involves exaggerated budgets. The King Kaka twists this to his favour and states that in calling himself King, he has not exaggerated at all.

Punchline Number 5;

Burn kaa Nero burn kaa gonorrhoea au kaa solar.

(Burning just like Nero, or gonorrhoea or the sun).
Ahem, Nero is a data burning software. The second part of the lyric does not need an explanation. Lol. Having an S.T.I. burns like hell, hence the term, “Doctor it burns when I pee”. (Disclaimer: This explanation about getting a burning feeling while peeing absolutely not from experience.)The same way the three items burn, Rabbit burns with every line that he spits.

Punchline Number 6;

Bado niko juu kaa missionary.

(I am still on top just like in the missionary position).
Kaka compares his postion at the top of the rap game to the missionary sex position just the way an individual is usually on top of another.

Kaka has bars after bars after bars.

Join me here next week as I review Octo’s, Papa Jones’s and Juliani’s diss tracks. For now Kaka Sungura hits back, so listen to the track and be the Judge.

Kaka Sungura hits back, listen and be the Judge.. Who is KING??

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