Loyalty, love and kindness

I am right here, sipping in the air seeing colours, walking my passion; pause it’s a beautiful day, heavens just opened the flood gates it’s raining. It’s almost impossible to ignore where we are right now, as a community or individual. My heart has broken a thousand times this past few months. It’s not just what is happening with the world health, it’s the community’s lack of loyalty to one another.

Where did “loving your neighbour” go?


I come from a big community of an ethnic group in Kenya, a sub-group called Tugens from the Kalenjin People. I remember a holiday we were visiting my grandmother and this particular day there were women and girls helping out build a thatched house. The amazing this is, it was un bribed or any of the women paid, they did it out of an obligation to help one’s neighbours when they needed it.

It’s not easy to try out something new or do something for the first time. Here’s the truth, like any mountain of success it’s not easy, many times the stone you’re rolling up will collapse on you or rolls back. Does it break a heart?

You don’t give up, I haven’t, and you certainly never give up on kindness, loyalty, love and being humble.

I told a dear friend of mine that being friends weren’t or aren’t just hi and hey’s I want to be loyal and be there for them in any case to the course of living. People have grown so apart you really just care about the four, two, five people around you.

It can’t stress how much your neighbours are important. Hold your chin with your finger and reminiscence, if you can of how many times you been preached to of who your neighbour is and why you should love them. Aaah! Aaah! Am not going back to the chalkboard because you already know who that person is.

Maybe for one or two who still questions who your neighbour is? Here’s one answer, it is everybody and anybody surrounding and around you.

You get it now? 😉😜

What do you do now?

I have read a ton of written materials perhaps a dozen spoken words of what to do and the thing that spoke volumes is if you don’t love your neighbour you don’t love God this comes part inspired by the song “if you don’t love your neighbour you don’t love God” by Alex Leach. There is a lot that goes into this, you now that joy you feel when you know Jesus’s got your back that overwhelming happiness? Well yep, that’s what drives us to give and share kindness with those around us.

It doesn’t matter how much down you are in your pit but that happiness of sharing a smile or a piece of bread heals you too whether you notice it or not and that’s the truth.

Whatever you have, the strength to say sorry, always is here, a dish of leftover food, a spared coin from the supermarket…..the list will never end because kindness has no limits.

Remember always;

Do unto others what you want to be done to you. Had you forgotten that? You’re not judged, whatever happens around us today fills our plate and we forget no pan intended.

Here is a tip from a good golden bells song, count your blessings every day and name them one by one, it’s not only a way to say thank you to who gives it all but a way to always remind you that you have more to always share with a neighbour.

I know it’s that simple. *added smiley faces*

So what now?

Am dearly heartbroken to what is going on around us today greatly encouraged too with humanity. The thousands who give the little they have to help those who don’t makes me proud of this moment to remember.

Everyone has a role to play, you have a friend to needs an ear to give to, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to help offer both.

It’s priceless to come back home with a “thank you”, “God Bless you”, really that’s all we should be looking for, for there is no greater reward than a thank you.

Thank you!

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